Barite Supply Specialist

Barite (Barium Sulphate) is an inert mineral It is a heavy mineral having a specific gravity of 4.5 theoretically and its principal use is in the manufacture of oil well drilling fluids. In practice the material used in drilling fluids runs between 4.10 and 4.25 specific gravity.

In the process of drilling for oil and gas drilling fluids serve a variety of purposes vital to the economic achievement of reaching a desired depth.

The functions of a drilling fluid are;

  • To clean cuttings from the well bottom.
  • Flush those cuttings to the surface.
  • Cool and lubricate the drill bit.
  • Deposit a “ filter cake’ layer on the wellbore wall to prevent loss of the circulating fluid.
  • Prevent formation fluids entering the borehole and mixing with circulating fluids.
  • Support the walls of the well bore without damaging the formation.
  • Control pressures under the surface.

The reason for barite’s use over other materials is its neutrality- chemically, physically and magnetically. Most barite is environmentally acceptable from the standpoint of its disposal as part of the drilling fluid.

It is far less abrasive than other materials and does little damage to drilling equipment.

It is at a low enough cost to be disposable.

  • APM has long term associations with five Chinese barite producers, two Indian
    suppliers, and one Moroccan producer. APM, therefore, has flexibility of supply.
  • APM has long term associations with major USA and Mexican consumers of barite.
  • APM ships around 900,000 tons of drilling grade barite annually.
  • APM provides a mine to plant service providing quality control, ocean shipping and discharge and onward forwarding to plant services.
  • APM also ships around 25,000 tons of high quality paint grade barite per year for
    use in paint and plastics as an extender for Titanium Dioxide. This is available as a
    lump ore or as ground and micronised finished product along with precipitated
    barium sulphate.
  • Chemical grade barite is also available for barium carbonate and barium
    sulphate production.
  • Grades for friction, carpet backing, golf and tennis balls are also available.