Barium Sulphate


Precipitated Barium Sulphate

Precipitated Barium Sulphate is a type of functional filler, which is widely utilised as a pigment extender in surface coating materials (called blanc fixe), and in the glass and rubber industries. Barium sulphate is superfine with a low oil absorption threshold, allowing for insulation and the prevention of agglomeration and flocculation, ultimately providing the benefit of improved pigmentation efficiency.

The benefits Precipitated Barium Sulphate provide are:

  • Improved pigmentation efficiency
  • Facilitation of stable and controlled coating systems
  • Improved colour intensity
  • No impact on luster

Applications: Barium sulphate applications include powder coatings, painting inks, plastics, industrial primers, paints, porcelain enamel and in chemicals.

Millimicron Barium Sulphate

Millimicron Barium Sulphate is restricted to a controlled particle size within 0.4um. The material has strong ageing resistance properties, lending itself well to improving thermal stability, abrasive resistance, sound insulation and radioresistance with the additional benefits of increased strength, toughness and brightness. Anglo Minerals source Barium Sulpahte for use in powder coating sectors.

Superfine Precipitated Barium Sulpahte

Applications: In the application of powder coating, painting, painting ink, rubber, accumulators, ceramics, plastics, copper plate paper, heat resistant hospital and welding equipment.