Anglo Minerals source high quality Cenospheres from Chinese producers for the use as a filler and extender material for clients.

Cenospheres, also referred to as ceramic microspheres, are a byproduct of coal combustion, composed from ash powder. They are inert hollow spheres composed of a lighweight, ultrafine ceramic vitreous body, which have low density, waterproof, rigid and insulative properties.

Cenospheres have uniformity in particle size, a high compression strength, high melting point, high electrical resistance, low coefficient of heat conduction and coefficient of thermal contraction.

The benefits cenospheres provide are:

  • Reduced Raw Materials Cost
  • Improved Flowability
  • Reduced Resin Demand
  • Improved Insulation Values
  • Resistant to Resin Absorption
  • Reduced End Product Weight

The material is an excellent filler polymer agent for the creation of lighweight composite materials such as concrete, foam sound insulation, foam thermal insulation and metals. The product is used primarily in oil drilling and refractories, plastics, rubber, electricity, marine, automotive and construction sectors.