Talc covers a wide range of natural minerals most of which are magnesium silicates. It is a soft material with hydrophobic surface properties, chemical inertness and a slippery feeling to it. There are, however, harder grades suitable for a number of commercial applications.


Supply Origin: AfghanistanLoad Port: Karachi, Pakistan

Ore GradeABC
Whiteness (Hunter L)98% min95% min88% min
Silica59% min60% min59% min
Calcium Oxide1% max1% max1% max
Magnesium Oxide29% min30% min29% min
Iron Oxide1% max1% max1% max
Loss On Ignition6% max7% max6% max
Moisture1.00% max1.00% max1.00% max
Size30mm to 400mm(80%)
, 0 to 30mm (5%)
0mm to 5mm(60%)
, 5 to 25mm (40%)
30mm to 300mm(95%)
, 0 to 30mm (5%)
Supply Capacity5,000 MT per month5,000 MT per month5,000 MT per month

Other Origins: China & India Available

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