Natural Barium Sulphate

Sourced from China, this product is manufactured using the highest quality, natural, white barite ore. Strict quality and sizing control results in a consistent product that is used in coatings, paint, plastics, rubber, sealants, friction materials and many other applications where colour, purity and particle size are principle concerns. APM can offer a range of particle sizes and brightness specs according to customer requirements.


(Hunter L)
90% or 94% min
BaSO497.5% min
SiO21.0% max
Fe2O30.1% max
Loss on Ignition
(1000 C)
0.5% max
S.G.4.35 g/cm3 min
Moisture0.1% max
AppearanceWhite powder
without contamination
Particle Size D50 approx. 2.5µm, 5.5µm or 8.5µm

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