Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate is a valuable ingredient widely used in animal feed for its numerous benefits. This compound, consisting of zinc and sulfur, plays a crucial role in promoting the overall health and growth of animals. Zinc is an essential mineral that supports various physiological processes, including enzyme function, metabolism, and immune system development. By incorporating Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate into animal feed, it helps to address zinc deficiencies that can occur in livestock, poultry, and other animals.

Zinc Sulphate has a wide range of applications and usages across various industries:

  • Fertilizer: is commonly used in agriculture as a fertilizer to address zinc deficiency in plants.
  • Animal Feed: is an important ingredient in animal feed formulations. It serves as a nutritional supplement for livestock, poultry, and other animals, aiding in growth, bone development, immune function, and overall animal health.
  • Zinc Electroplating: is utilized in the electroplating industry for coating metals with a layer of zinc.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications: is used in various pharmaceutical formulations and supplements.
  • Galvanizing: is used in the galvanizing process, is applied as a protective coating on steel and iron.
  • Zinc Oxide Production: is a key precursor in the production of zinc oxide.
  • Water Treatment:  is used in water treatment processes to remove impurities and clarify water.
  • Chemical Industry:  is utilized in various chemical reactions and as a reagent in laboratory settings.

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate


AP Feed Grade

Typical Properties

Purity (ZnSO4·H2O)98% min.
Zinc (Zn)35% min.
Arsenic (As)5ppm max.
Lead (Pb)10ppm max.
Cadium10 ppm max.
Particle Size95% pass through 250μm

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