Industrial Minerals Sourcing & Supply

Anglo Pacific Minerals is a UK-based industrial minerals agency, bringing together customers with quality suppliers from around the world. Established in 2004, we pride ourselves on identifying reliable and competitively-priced producers that best meet the needs of our clients' supply chains.

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Our Services

Our services include marketing and distribution of industrial minerals and chemicals, product sourcing on behalf of our clients, agency work, project consultancy, and logistics support.

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Our Products

APM’s core product is barite, primarily for use in the oil and gas industry, but also high purity barite for use in paints, plastics and fillers. APM also distributes other industrial minerals and chemicals, including talc, kaolin and mica.


Sodium & Calcium Lignosulphonates: Exploring Their Industrial Applications

Sodium and calcium lignosulphonates, derived from the sulfite process of paper manufacturing, are versatile chemicals widely recognized for their utility...

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Xanthan Gum: A Game-Changer in Enhancing Oilfield Drilling Efficiency

In the intricate world of oilfield drilling, the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and innovative additives is paramount to ensure efficiency and success. One such...

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Boosting Paint and Coating Quality: The Power of Barium Sulphate

The world of paints and coatings is not just about colors and aesthetics; it's a science that relies on various raw materials to achieve the desired quality, durability...

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