Precipitated Barium Sulphate

Also known as blanc fixe, this high purity, synthetically-produced barium sulphate product acts as an extender in the production of paints, coatings and plastics. It is completely inert and possesses high resistance to outdoor exposure and other chemicals. APM’s Chinese source of blanc fixe has an extremely fine particle size of 0.7 µm and a narrow particle size distribution, ideally-suited for high gloss applications.


Precipitated Barium Sulphate

APM can supply different product sizings according to customer requirements.

Chemical Properties

BaSO499% min
Barium57% min
Ba0.85% (TCLP, ppm)
SrSO4202 (ppm)
Alum21.7 (ppm)
Silicon168 (ppm)
Chloride68.5 (ppm)
Titanium8.4 (ppm)
Sodium Oxide603 (ppm)
CaO293 (ppm)
Fe2O37.8 (ppm)
PbO<1.0 (ppm)
Bi2O3<1.0 (ppm)
As<1.0 (ppm)

Physical Properties

Median Particle Size0.7 μm
Specific Gravity4.4
Color – Hunter L98.8
Refractive Index1.64
Hegman Fineness8
Mohs Hardness3.0

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