Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate is a compound with formula NaC₆H₁₁O₇. It is the sodium salt of gluconic acid. Its E number is E576. Sodium gluconate is widely used in textile dyeing, printing and metal surface water treatment.

Sodium Gluconate can be used as water reducing agent and retarder in the construction & building industry. It can be used cleaning of glass bottle and metal. It can be used as water quality stabilizer because it has excellent inhibiting capacity to scale. In textile industry, used in the cleaning and degreasing of fibers. It also can be used as food additives. 

AP Technical Grade

Typical Specification

Purity 98% Min.
Loss on Drying0.50% Max.
Sulphate (SO42-)0.05% Max.
Chloride (Cl)0.07% Max.
Heavy Metals ppm10 Max.
Lead (Pb)2ppm Max.
Arsenic Salt 
(As)2ppm Max.
(D-glucose)0.70% Max.
PH Value (10% Water solution)6.2~7.8 Max.

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