Calcium Lignosulfonate

Construction, agriculture, oil and gas are just a few of the industries that employ calcium lignosulfonate, a dark tan, odourless powder. It is most well-known for its binding and dispersing qualities.

Primary Applications:

  • Binding, Dispersing, Complexing agents
  • Emulsion stabilisers
  • Concrete and building materials
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Crystal growth modifiers
  • Emulsion stabilisers

Calcium Lignosulphonate


AP Technical Grade

Typical Properties

Solid Content≧ 94 %
pH Value5-7
Lignosulphonate≧ 55 %
Inorganic salts≦ 5.0 %
Water Insoluble Matter≦ 1.5%
Calcium Magnesium General Quality≦ 1.0%
Total reducing matter≦ 12%
Moisture≦ 6.0 %

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